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Inspection of food safety and hygiene

Date Submitted: 25/05/2018 - 9:45 AM

Bases for food safety inspection include:


- Food safety standards issued by individuals and organizations apply for food products and trading and food production.

- National technical regulations for food products; Law on food safety, trading and food safety.

- Regulations on labeling and advertising for food

- Regulations on food safety conditions for food business establishments; Trading in street food and food service business establishments.

- Other regulations on food safety.

- Regulations on food testing.


Inspection of food safety and hygiene

Contents of food hygiene and safety inspection


1. For business establishments, food production


- Dossiers of certification of advertising contents, certificates of conformity of food safety regulations / certificates of declaration of technical - regulation conformity;

- Legal and administrative documents of the establishment: Certificate of food safety, certificate of business registration, Certificate of food safety. The health certificate of the establishment owner and of the person directly engaged in the business or production of food; Certificate of HACCP, ISO and equivalent;

- Content labeling food products.

- Documents, records and compliance of the owner of the facility, equipment, facilities; persons directly engaged in food production or trading; processing and production process; transport and preserve food; origin, origin, shelf life of food products, additives and raw materials; Other regulations related to business establishments, food production and food products;

- For establishments that advertise food: The implementation of regulations on food advertising.

- Periodic product testing;

- Take samples in case of necessity

- For imported food: To check papers related to the State inspection of food safety (for establishments importing or trading in imported foodstuffs);
Inspection of food safety at restaurants


2. For street food business establishments, food service business establishments


- Checking the documents, files and the compliance of the facility owner with the equipment, tools and facilities; processing and production process; persons directly engaged in food production or trading; practice of food hygiene and safety; water source; transport and preserve food; save sample; the origin of the food and raw materials used for processing and producing food; other relevant regulations;

- Check the legal and administrative records of the establishment: certificate of food safety (in the case of a paperless establishment), certificate of food safety and business registration certificate. The health certificate of the person directly engaged in food production and trading and the owner of the establishment;

- Taking samples of food ingredients, food for testing in case of necessity.


The above is the content of the advice of Ba Dinh Law on food hygiene and safety inspection. To understand more about this issue, please contact us for full support and details

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