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We have more than 62 years of experience in SERVICES field in Japan as well as in other countries. We specialize in providing services related to  Facility Management, Building Maintenance, Industrial Hygiene, Security, Smart  Parking Management, Robot Manufacturing & Leasing, Labor Export, Sharing Labor, Solution of Chemicals, Camera Manufacturing & Trading...


JD&C’s customers are companies in the aviation, laundry, the largest factories in Southeast Asia, as well as multinational companies, joint-venture businesses… Therefore, customers are shared experiences, relationships, the most advanced technology today. In addition, we are proud to be the company that provides chemical solutions with high-tech features. We own the largest & most modern chemical pumping system in Vietnam.


Our professional technical team, meet the requirements of customers.  Comprehensive Digitization Conversion System of all BPO Holding Companies in Vietnam bring satisfaction to customers. In addition, we serve 24/7 through a 
modern Call Center system: (+84) 909 411 885 - (+84) 911 401 955 - (+84) 979 045 766 according to the service company culture.


The intensive Logistics system and the warehouse network is spread throughout the major provinces, cities such as Kien Giang (Phu Quoc island), Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang & Ha Noi,... which provide quickly and promptly to the needs of all customers.






Understanding the Vietnam market and operating professionally according to the International criteriaAll products distributed by JD&C are genuine imported products with clear origin and fully CO/COA certificates. In case you find a non-genuine product supplied by us, we commit to refunding 100% of the order value and compensating 15% of the order value. We always update closely the market situation so that we can ensure our customers will receive the most competitive price on each product.



The most enthusiastic and professional consulting, supporting staff:

Our consultants are always ready to listen and advise about products, as well as give solutions that are best suited to customer’s request.

Our technicians are always available 24/7 to support and answer all questions, as well as difficulties that customers encounter when using our products or services.




In addition, JD&C also has policies to support customers with convenient services such as  FSMS management system (food safety) - HACCP support, planning technique and product result reporting service - equipment maintenance. Especially, our Call Center is always available 24/7 to support customers.