Today, the trends of specialization, buying machinery & necessary maintenance equipment have caused many issues for customer. We, therefore; provide the full package of equipment rental to make the increase of productivity ...

With the desire to provide perfect service quality and update latest knowledge for customers  during using our products, JD&C provides the following utilities:


JD&C provides free training to customer staff before and during the use of distributed JD&C products.

Product development

JD&C provides complete information:

Brand and latest product lines

+ Lowest cost.

+ Applying product effectively

+ Automatic equipment



JD&C provides automated equipment (completely free while buy our chemicals):

+ Automatic pump equipment.

+ Install and adjust equipment to suit usage needs



Technical services:

Comprehensive service planning for all departments with written reports, including equipment maintenance & product results.

24/7 service:

Information services 24/7

Quality management:

Operational planning and evaluation with the Board of Directors to measure JD&C's performance, service, and training in the use of chemicals, machines and equipment.

“Your satisfaction is our great pleasure”