More than a chemical product, JD&C provides a solution included high qualified product, automatic chemical substance equipment/ system, safety & rational control progress, detailed notice, instruction & professional direction ...

JD&C provides optimal chemical solutions, not only merely selling business. Applying the principle and service spirit of  Taisei Group in Japan, we are confident with excellent product quality, strictly control and appropriate cost management. Besides,  guarantee our products are definitely safe for user and  environment is also our top criteria.


The optimal chemical solution for laundry activities:

JD&C provides the right chemicals, automatic laundry methods to help businesses optimize each stage of the operation to save energy, electricity, water, ensure fabric quality and absolute safety to skin contact.



Cleaning chemical solutions specialized for F&B systems:

In association with Diversey Chemical Corporation (USA), we confidently provide an absolute safe chemical solution when used for the production system to help improve product quality and enhance the brand image to your consumers.

► CIP (Clean In Place): A system that circulates detergent solution to clean inside pipes and inside closed equipment.

► COP (Clean Out of Place): Immerse detachable pieces of equipment or tubes into plunge tanks or circulation tanks.

► Personal Hygiene: Disinfection and hand care.



Modernized industrial chemical cleaning solutions:

We deliver the suitable chemicals, compatible with function and performance, enhance professionalism in cleaning and improve the quality of the treated space to make all surfaces cleaner and safer. In addition, JD&C also provides specialized fumigation services for all different industries.



"Specialize smart cleaning, increase core service value"